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I have been a Special Education teacher for the past 15 years and I specialize in working with students with Special Education needs, including; Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Executive Functioning and Mental Health needs. I am very flexible and enjoy building strong trusting relationships with students so they can work through challenging pr...

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I have been a peer tutor since I was a freshman in High School. Being in most advanced classes, I was often sought after for academic help. As I entered college classes, I have helped countless chemistry, physics, and computer science majors pass their desired exams.

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Over the past 5 years, I have spent my time as a sailing coach for various sailing schools. Other than strong sailing skills the most important requirement of being a sailing coach is having The US Sailing Level One Instructor Certification. This is a class that trains future coaches to work with many different learning styles, as well as writing m...

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Enthusiastic, empathic, and experienced classroom managers, we coordinate with parents and schools to ensure we’re all on the same page. "Being a Learning Pod leader means being someone that cares about the social and emotional well-being of a child just as much as their academic success," said Pod Leader David. "I look forward to tackling the c...

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I'm Austin and during college I tutored younger students part-time to help pay my bills. I loved connecting with my students and seeing them improve, but had my sights set on a career in research science. After graduating in 2017, I moved to San Diego to pursue a doctorate in chemistry at UCSD, a plan I ditched after 3 years because I just couldn't...

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I have worked as a calculus and general chemistry tutor for community college students. I also have experience tutoring and helping with applications for university students. I minored in computer science and am very comfortable teaching programming or other computer science topics.

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I've worked with kids for about 10 years coaching gymnastics and parkour. I've also worked in the Poway School District as a teacher's aide, along with tutoring in after school programs for Harmonium/Klassic kids.

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I’ve been teaching test prep since I myself was in high school. And I’ve been doing it full time for 7 yrs now. I’m unique in the sense that I cover it all - you will not need to go to a math tutor and a verbal tutor. I’m a one stop shop. My natural inclination is mathematics and I’ve been tutoring math for 15 yrs. I’m only 34!

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I have over a decade of experience in the Poway Unified School District working with small groups at the Elementary level. My groups have included all grades, K-5, on a daily basis. I feel I would be well suited to support a learning pod or individual students who need patience while working toward their next goal.

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