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My past experience is being a tutor at the University of Arizona where I primarily taught English and Hisotry as well as being a tutor at the 4S Ranch Library in the summers between schooling. I also volunteer to teach kids with disabilities acting and dance with CoachArt and educate others at the Hedionda Agua Lagoon Foundation.

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15 years of teaching science from 7th grade through 12th grade. Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, physics, and beyond.

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I have tutored all ages and I have my teaching credential in multiple subjects. I feel the strongest in math.

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I have 5 years of work and academic experience in tutoring and education, and am currently applying for Master's in Education programs to gain my teaching credential. During those 5 years, I worked for a tutoring company (with kids from the third to the 11th grade in all subjects), gained in-class experience in a high school classroom, and gained m...

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My experience includes 4 years of nannying, 2 years of working and teaching in an elementary school setting, and 5 years of teaching in preschool. Most recently, I have served as a homeschool tutor for a 1st and 3rd grader during their online virtual learning. I really enjoyed getting to facilitate their learning by tutoring them on concepts that t...

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I am a clear credentialed teacher in the state of California. I also have my Masters degree in Elementary Education.

I have a degree in Secondary Special Education which allows me to work with a wide range students of all different ages and development levels. I have been a homeschool teacher, worked with children with Autism by providing ABA Behavior Therapy and have also implemented virtual distance learning curriculum for students during the COVID-19 pandemic....

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My extensive experience in youth development and curriculum planning comes from my teaching degree, various roles as an outdoor educator, time abroad as an English tutor in Japan and Ecuador, and serving through Americorps as a program coordinator for an educational nonprofit. I'm an empathetic and dedicated youth educator who is passionate about b...

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I would be able to engage the students in writing and other hands-on skills as related to sports. Many people can relate to sports, and some easier than their school work. I would provide opportunities to teach practical skills that would translate to other areas of their work and allow the students to see tangible results.

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