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The Learning Pod is a cohort of pod leaders providing in-person, small-group instruction for Southern California students to thrive. Students are being asked to rise to meet extraordinary challenges. Our unique pod-learning program nurtures confident learners with unstoppable growth mindsets. We welcome three-to-six children into personalized pod classrooms, where our Pod Leaders inspire trust, joy, and academic achievement. Our Pod Leaders are more than traditional tutors: they’re instructors, mentors, and advocates. Active learning & safe socialization are at the heart of our support for your distance learning curriculum. Adapting to how each student learns best, we further concepts and build skills through hands-on inquiry. With individual study plans and weekly goals, we ensure our students are connected, responsible learners. And parents? Our health and safety standards exceed CDC guidelines to keep each pod safe. It takes a community to inspire a resilient, successful learner. We look forward to connecting with you.


Enthusiastic, empathic, and experienced classroom managers, we coordinate with parents and schools to ensure we’re all on the same page. "Being a Learning Pod leader means being someone that cares about the social and emotional well-being of a child just as much as their academic success," said Pod Leader David. "I look forward to tackling the challenge of building resilient, lifelong learners. As we adapt and grow together, my goal is to be an educational leader that your family can depend on."


Vassar College

Bryn Mawr College

Yale University

University of California - San Diego

Oxford University

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