3rd Grade Homeschool Tutors

I have worked as a calculus and general chemistry tutor for community college students. I also have experience tutoring and helping with applications for university students. I minored in computer science and am very comfortable teaching programming or other computer science topics.

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I own my own business as an education consultant who teaches teachers/principals/parents how to improve learning for all children. But I also practice what I teach when I model with students in my profession. I’ve worked in education for 25 years and have taught many many grades. I know what students need to fall in love with learning and make sens...

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Motivated educator with deep passion for helping students with special needs, excelling my support to teachers, parents, and enhancing classroom environments. Ambitious student special education degree, eager to contribute developed knowledge in ABA role. Skilled in visual cues and active Student Responding in a home or school-based settings. Adapt...

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I was an after-school tutor at my local learning center while I was in college. I would assist elementary school students with their Reading, Writing, and Math homework either as a group or individually. I did my best to help develop positive attitudes towards studying and learning as well as building their self-confidence. I am currently a new-emp...

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I'm a 5th year teacher and I've worked with many different grade levels. I've worked in elementary and in middle school, these experiences have helped give me a well rounded approach with students.

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My experience includes a degree in Education as well as 31 yrs of teaching Spanish K-12 and Personal Development. I teach with excitement and creativity, and I'm a native speaker, who instills a love and knowledge of the Spanish language into each of my students. Looking forward to being part of your learning world!

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I've always found in my experience as a student that you know you've mastered a concept when you can teach it to others. And as someone who has gained that ability in many math concepts, I hope to be able to help others to achieve that same level of confidence in their skill that they can pass on their knowledge to others. As far as specific math c...

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I've worked as an Executive and I've worked in the Classroom. I have taught Kindergartners and I've trained Teachers! I am happy to share my resume and my profile on LinkedIn!

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Over the past four years I have immersed myself in a wide breadth of teaching experiences: I was a teaching associate in two third grade classrooms, I implemented literacy programing in two state-funded preschools, I taught summer english courses to eighth and ninth graders, I’ve annually guest taught a high school senior poetry workshop at my alma...

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