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Greetings! I do hope this writing finds you well. A person constantly engaged in learning and improvement. This would stand as an adequate descriptor of my life and working career. Reading and writing--communicating effectively--have been integral to a career I am proud of. I have been a "teacher" in the field of hospitality for 35 years. A person that believes in identifying the challenges presented in our lives in order to resolve those challenges toward realistic, personally supportive outcomes. Visualizing scenarios and outcomes has been a powerful tool for me in guiding life plans. I love people in general. My philosophy in life: Live and let live. I am a spiritual person. The most important things in my life are the relationships I have with family and trusted, long-standing friendships. I have had some difficult episodes in my life, as do most. I believe that it is "the struggle" that promotes learning in life. Adversity puts our minds on alert. We forge solutions--we learn!


In the field of hospitality acting early in my career as a Chef, later a General Manager and finally an owner for 15 years, if I have been nothing else, I have been a teacher. Each stop in my career has been marked by operational excellence. That is only accomplished by teaching, directing, sharing, all of the cumulative knowledge that I brought to those roles. It also involved a willingness to listen to those around me. To integrate their contributions, always understanding that I may be focal in a group, by set-up or design, but ultimately it is the team that accomplishes the set goals, or falls short of desired objectives. My management style, which in my mind was always about teaching, was hands on--in the trenches supporting the team. We say that we work to make a living--money. It is the inspiration of learning and accomplishment that makes organizations great. That has been a successful working objective for me throughout my career. I have acted as Chef, General Manager, Owner in free-standing restaurants, operated a fine-dining outlet at a casino. I spent 7 years as Operations Director, San Francisco. I oversaw the Upper Class Lounge operated by Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airways.


St Mary's College
Liberal Arts

University of Arizona

Seattle Central Community College
MOS Certification

California Culinary Academy
Professional Chefs Certification

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