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Hi! I enjoy being outside, hiking, running, camping, biking, playing soccer, and exploring. I like to cook and try out foods I've never heard of before. I like to paint with watercolors -- mostly animals doing strangely human activities. I love reading anything that is written well, but I especially like science fiction and fantasy that toys with different philosophical ideas. I play the guitar and the piano, and I like to sing. I love learning about other cultures and learning new languages and have lived in several different countries. I'm conversational in Spanish, German, and Italian. I like taking care of plants and all different types of furry creatures also -- except tarantulas. They are in fact furry, but not the kind of furry creature I personally enjoy spending time with.


I grew up being homeschooled for most of my pre-college student life, so I know all about the unique opportunities and challenges that homeschooling presents. I am currently an undergraduate through Liberty University, pursuing teacher certification for English education, and learning about new advancements in educational practices every day. I grew up helping my younger siblings understand their schoolwork, and I have frequently helped peers better understand their subject areas in school. I am especially competent in the areas of writing, literature, reading comprehension, and research, but I also have a knack for problem-solving and re-wording things in any subject area to make them more understandable and more engaging. I am a straight-A student and have mastered the arts of organization and time-management in self-directed learning throughout my homeschool, work, and college experiences. I would love to pass on the useful tips and systems I have learned to help other students who are dealing with struggles that I dealt with as a homeschooled student. I have worked and lived in lots of tight-knit community environments that have taught me how to communicate effectively with lots of different types of people and different types of communicators. Let's get in touch and see if I would make a good fit for your student!


Pikes Peak Community College
Associates in Sociology

Liberty University
Bachelors in English Education (in progress)

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