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I love coaching and playing rugby whenever I get a chance. I’ve travelled to Ireland and New Zealand on collegiate rugby tours and played in tournaments all over the United States. Traveling is the surest way to broaden your learning and encounter new cultures, which I enjoy very much. I also love to hike and hunt with my dog, Ronan. He’s an 11 months old Irish Setter and he just went on his first pheasant hunt this season. He’s full of endless energy, so running every day is essential for both our sanity.


The private school I attended encouraged graduates in upper level courses to help teachers tutor/mentor struggling students. While I was in college algebra, I tutored a 6th grade math class in my free period. All they needed was a bit of extra attention and I could provide that. They had someone to stick with them and not get impatient. All kids learn differently and never at the same pace. It just takes someone to care enough and ask the right questions. I received my degree in agricultural business and animal science from Kansas State, where I also found the wonderful sport of rugby. I played all four years and was president of the club for two of those. Ensuring all the proper paperwork was filled out on time, requesting fund allocations/ equipment reimbursements, and checking all the player’s eligibility were just a few of the numerous responsibilities. We went to nationals my junior year; it was the first time in school history. After graduating from Kansas State I coached two years for the Iowa State rugby team. As the saying goes, “you’re as strong as your weakest link.” I believe this is true on a team and on an individual basis. I found it key to focus on the less experienced guys and get them up to speed, so they could contribute more effectively during practice and on game day. The ‘weakest link’ can also be applied individually. Focusing on your strengths is important, but building on your weaknesses can access untapped potential. That’s what I strive for, initiating the spark of interest in a student that will lead to a lifetime of learning and pursuing the truth. I believe that I’m uniquely fitted for this task: I’m patient and unassuming, firm and respectful, and motivated to learn as well as teach.


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Kansas State University
Animal Science: Agricultural business

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