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Hello! My name is Anthony. I am a person with too many hobbies. I enjoy geology, astronomy, biology, gardening, coin collecting, model airplanes, painting, board games, card games, and fencing (the sport). I enjoy learning new things often. I also enjoy helping others achieve their goals. I am currently attending CSULB in a program that combines my bachelor degree with my teaching credentials. I am almost finished with my program, with only 3 semesters remaining. Teaching is my passion and my career. It is something I get a lot of personal satisfaction from doing, and I am great at it.


I have a little over 6 years of teaching/tutoring experience. In 2014 I started working with adults with special needs. One of my duties was to teach them life and academic skills that they needed to learn to function in their day to day lives. I am currently working as an Instructional Aide for special education with Long Beach Unified School District at Rogers Middle School. I am proficient at presenting and teaching curriculum in different ways in order to teach the student in a way that is best suited to their learning style. I am effective at helping students in both special and general education. I am capable of tutoring/teaching nearly all subjects. Inquire with me if you have questions about specific subjects.


California State University Long Beach
Liberal Studies with teaching credentials

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