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I was born and raised in New Mexico and moved to Colorado at age 19. Colorado was such an amazing place to live from the nature in Littleton, the suburbs of Parker all the way across to the bustling city life in Denver, the mountains in Breckenridge. And I must not forget the beautiful Boulder Creek in downtown Boulder or the wonderful bike paths of Westminster. Colorado is where my heart is, the mountains my home BUT home changed for me after 2 divorces. I had a desire to live with less and see new sights. I never explored the beach or the ocean so I sold all my belongings, left conventional housing behind and moved out by the sea. I was a part of the van life movement for 3 years with a SUV-RV conversion named LadyBug. If you haven't heard Vanlife is a rapidly growing lifestyle where people all over the world are converting vans, trucks, suvs, school buses, army tanks and more into rolling homes to explore more, connect with nature and the people who live in small towns, and spend more time on their creative passions while lowering the cost of living accommodations. I travel but traveling isn’t the only purpose of vanlife. It's about living a minimalist lifestyle while reducing your eco footprint, waking up wherever you want, doing whatever you want and moving whenever you want. Currently I'm transitioning back into an apartment during the school year. When I am not exploring nature with my tiny home I am reading, doing yoga on the bluff, volunteering for the homeless and finding new vegan restaurants to eat at! I have been vegetarian for 10 years, vegan 5. Vegan is not just a diet but a lifestyle. Nothing I own is made or derived from animals. I am passionate about animal rights and advocate with a non profit organization called March of Silence. We go to large events in LA county like the Grand Prix and Dodger Stadium and participate in a silent walk to educate about the rights and feelings of sentient beings whose own voices are silenced. When it comes to living my life I am passionate, silly and never inside the box! I speak my mind and you’ll always catch me with a smile on my face!


I am certified in Early Childhood Education, and taught preschool and Pre-K for 12 years, working with children ages 0-8. I taught basic reading and writing skills as a core part of the curriculum. I resigned in 2016 choosing to focus on self care. I have also done after school tutoring for elementary age students ages 5-10. I have a colorful work background starting in 1998 with my first job being a junior summer camp counselor at the YMCA. I spent many years as a teacher's assistant in the toddler room at multiple daycares, I've worked with 3 sets of twins, volunteered at the Denver Children's Hospital in the NICU and cancer wards, taught dance and art programs, nannied, did overnight care, worked as a foster child advocate with CASA and did infant sleep training. I have also worked with special needs including fetal alcohol syndrome, ADHD, and Autism.


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