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To Whom It May Concern, There is nothing quite like teaching! The ability to directly impact a student’s life is something I find great difficulty in describing. Initially I went to college to be an Organic Biochemist, but a summer job I stumbled into changed everything. I found myself loving my job, and I knew I needed to be a teacher. It is a passion for me. I have so much passion for my profession, I am in a PhD program in order to give back to the community of teachers that I love so much. You must be asking yourself what kind of teacher am I? I am the teacher that adapts myself to each student, and a leader that works collaboratively with each and every employee. No two students are alike, so why should I address them in the exact same why and expect the same results? I can’t. This is why I obtained my Special Education credential in the first place. I believe that every person has the ability to learn, but as a teacher, I should be a lead learner, and learn how each person learns most efficiently. I am a huge proponent of John Dewey’s Philosophy of Education. Like him, I believe that people learn best through organic experiences. I do everything in my power in assisting those experiences to manifest in any way I am able. My current coworkers often joke that if you don’t find me giving a lesson in my classroom, try the play structure on the field. It’s hilarious that they recognize I am a little unconventional at times in my methods, however I do not think that people can always learn within four walls. Teachers need to lead and must think outside of the box. My most impactful lecture was actually delivered on a play structure, as I taught my students about being selfless and gave them a project to design and develop their own non-profit organization. I like looking at life and the classroom in a unique and different way in order to make learning exciting to each person. I am willing to try techniques in my workplace to see what benefits people most. I am not afraid to fail in my job, as failing is part of learning. However, it is how I overcome failing that makes me an exquisite candidate for any position. My students and instructional assistants all teach me on a daily basis and enable me to be a more impactful leader in education. I am a leader and teacher that wants my students and fellow employees to become better people when they leave my classroom. Whether that means a student utilizes more appropriate language, has a more positive attitude, tries harder in school, or is more kind to their peers upon leaving my classroom; I find that to be a huge success. I am a leader that takes feedback from both my fellow employees and my supervisors, and applies it immediately. When tasks need completion, mine are already done. Give me a task, and I will accomplish it. I am a driven teacher, a collaborative leader, and a team player. When my coworkers are struggling, I do not hesitate to help them if I am able to. I am a leader in my classroom, I have the ability to lead my coworkers, and am able to follow my supervisor. Thank you for your consideration for this position, Mindi Vestal


Working in a multiage one room school house, working in special education, working in alternative school settings


Iowa wesleyan
Life science

Pima college
K-12 cross categorical special education

Plymouth state university
Masters in Curriculum and instruction k-12

Walden University
PhD in Educational leadership

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