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Hello! My name is Ione (pronounced "eye-own") and I'm an improvisational dancer, artist, art educator, and trans woman living in Chicago. Much of my art and way of life is process-based, meaning I focus more on the process of making and doing than on achieving a set end result. I love play - when I’m not teaching or making art, you can find me skateboarding, wandering in the park, or dancing around the kitchen while I cook myself a meal! During the pandemic I’ve also reconnected to my love of reading and like to spend some quiet time each morning with a book and a cup of coffee.


I currently work part-time in the Learning Department at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, where I plan virtual dance and movement programming. Before the pandemic, I also worked as an Art Educator at the Chicago Children’s Museum. I believe that there is no one right way to learn, and as a tutor I am committed to tailoring my approach to each student’s individual needs. I believe we learn best when we feel comfortable and connected to ourselves, and I have years of experience creating positive learning environments in museums, art studios, classrooms, homes, and even out in the woods! I tutor English, Humanities, and Art through High School, and Science and Math through Middle School. I am passionate about teaching and I would love to be a part of your young learner’s journey towards meaningful achievement and discovery!


Middlebury College
Sociology Major (with Honors), Studio Art Minor

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