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Hi there! My name is Nish. Originally from California, I'm a college freshman at the University of Chicago, where I'm currently planning to major in physics. Some of my favorite hobbies are playing music (bass guitar/piano) and debating, and when I'm not doing either of those you can catch me watching movies or writing stories.


I have 3+ years of experience in volunteer tutoring across subjects ranging from kindergarten English to AP Calculus. I also have 8+ months working on-one-on in long term private tutoring, developing original lesson plans and homework assignments. In terms of general academic experience, I graduated top 1% in my class and have taken both the SAT and ACT. I consider myself a lover of learning first and foremost, and I believe that the goal of teaching is to see students make meaningful connections that they wouldn't have made before.


Great Oak High School
HS Diploma

University of Chicago

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