Julie E - Homeschool Tutor In Cedar Park TX

I'm happy to give discounts for group learning! I just moved back to Austin after spending ten years in Houston, where I taught English at an international private school. Some things about me: I create web content for a marketing company and publish short stories online. I have two rescue dogs, Luna and Willow; they're friends as long as Willow remembers that Luna is in charge. I'm a big reader and have been a Harry Potter fan since the first book came out. For the past two years, I've been learning Portuguese and wishing I'd paid better attention in high school world language!


I've worked with middle school students for ten years. I've taught language arts, history, creative writing, and even yoga. I love mentoring young readers and writers. Many of the students I've tutored still email to ask me to edit their college essays.


University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor's in English

University of Texas at Arlington
Master's of Education with Reading Focus

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