Abigail F - Homeschool Tutor In Encinitas CA - Local or Online

Hi Kids, I’m originally from Texas, howdy! However, I’ve lived in SoCal for the past 18 years. I have ‘worn a lot of different hats’ in my life, so I like to do a lot of different things. I love my dog, “Lilly Claire,” she’s a little Yorky with a big personality! I love tap dancing , synchronized swimming, singing, playing the guitar, riding horses, and most of all, I love teaching you guys, because you’re soooo much fun!!!!


Bio and Teaching Approach in a ‘Nutshell’: I have taught in the Dallas Independant School District as a substitute teacher (they actually require subs to teach) and have experience teaching many different grades from many different backgrounds. I am also a TESOL Certified teacher with Qkids, and teach children, ages 3-12, English as a second language, virtually. I’ve taught music and art. I have a very interesting educational background myself, as I have experienced home school, public and private school, on-location education, and personal tutoring. I am very flexible and can adapt to your child’s learning style to ensure he/she is comprehending and retaining the material while having fun and feeling motivated and encouraged. If you’re looking for someone to bring military level discipline into your home, call Nanny McPhee, I am not your gal. However, if you’re looking for a tutor who is willing to facilitate a learning environment that provides patience and understanding for individual needs to maximize and streamline your kiddos work performance allowing them more time to play and be a kid, I am the perfect person for the job! I believe that kids need breaks often and that play should be incorporated into their learning. When school is boring, kids don’t learn. Discouraging learning environments are just that, discouraging. Extended Bio: I am a Texas native and attended Pepperdine University majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication graduating with a Ba.’s of Science in 2007. During my time at Pepperdine I was invited to attend three of their study abroad programs including the Lyon, France; Florence, Italy; and Buenos Aires, Argentina program. I attended the Florence and Buenos Aires programs while studying language and other GE’s. I also taught native Indians in BA, as a matter of fact, it was my first teaching experience. Upon graduating, I moved to Nashville, TN and pursued a country music career, and I missed California so much, I moved back in 2010. I worked as a freelance news reporter for various news outlets. Eventually, I was working for national and international outlets as an entertainment news journalist and continued to do so in Los Angeles for about seven years. Eventually, I discovered beautiful San Diego, and began working towards earning another bachelors degree from the Design Institute of San Diego studying Interior Design in 2015. I am currently planning on finishing my degree and lack three semesters to graduate. I moved back to Texas for a short time in 2018, and it is there that I began formally teaching. I tutored children privately in Dallas, TX, and then began substitute teaching for the Dallas Independant School District. I loved it until Covid ‘came to town’, and that is when I obtained my TESOL certification and began teaching for Qkids online. I feel very fortunate to be back in San Diego doing something that I enjoy. I know that this has been an extremely difficult process, for parents reading this, and I know it’s been particularly difficult for your kids. I feel honored to be able to help alleviate some of that stress and hardship and to help keep your children on-track while they’re trying to navigate distance-learning and most parents are distance-working! I look forward to helping to keep your kids on-task by providing one-on-one tutoring via virtual or in-person sessions.


Pepperdine University
Ba.’s Sc. in Integrated Marketing Communication

Design Institute of San Diego
Ba.’s of F.A. In Interior Design (still working)

International Open Academy
TESOL Certificate Number: 100-172909

Available Schedule