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Hi there! My name is Annie. I love to learn new things, whether it's a recipe or an instrument. When I'm not teaching, I'm practicing horn, hiking with my husband, reading, or brewing a cup of Oolong tea.


I am an educator, musician, artist, and lifelong learner from the Midwest. I hold a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Central Michigan University as well as a Master of Music degree from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. My K-12 music teaching certifications are held in Michigan and Iowa. During my graduate studies, I minored in early music and music history, which I apply to every part of my music teaching. My private music lessons are taught to all ages, levels, and aspirations. Students of mine have studied brass, as well as beginning woodwinds, strings, piano, and voice. Not only have I taught private music lessons over the past 8 years, but also Elementary General Music, and Middle School and High School bands. I was a student teacher in Traverse City, MI, learning from teachers at the Middle School and High School levels. These programs had wind ensembles, symphony bands, and jazz bands that I coached and conducted. At Regina Catholic Elementary School, my music classes were based on Dalcroze and Orff techniques. Students learned how to sing using solfege syllables. Many instruments were available for use including a variety of keyboards, djembes, ukuleles, recorders, and a large number of rhythm instruments. The elementary spring concert included Beatles tunes and hymns appropriate for each grade. In December, 450 students performed seasonal repertoire that I organized and taught them. Whether I’m teaching private lessons, or full classrooms, the curriculum is based on the needs of the individual. I make it a point to make music fun for all levels of learning! Not only do I teach music, but I also teach living skills. I grew up doing living history re-enactments all around the Northeast United States where we learned about 18th century living, cooking over fires, sewing historic clothing, and camping in the wilderness. Some concepts that I am comfortable teaching include cooking (indoors and over a fire), sewing and embroidering, raising livestock, caring for edible and non-edible plants, foraging for herbs and edible plants, and even identifying bugs, plants, and animals in the wild. Learning how to be self-sufficient and connect with our surroundings is something I truly believe in. It’s what makes life satisfying and what we need during these difficult times. Part of what makes online teaching great, is that I can share my arrangements that I create using Finale notation and Pro Tools audio editing software. I’ve arranged music for horn ensembles, wind ensembles, and voice/instrument combinations. Also, the technical side of online teaching (whether through Zoom, Google Hangouts/Chat, or Skype) is easy for me. I have 5G internet, an ethernet cable, a new Logitech webcam, and a plethora of microphones (thanks to my husband who is an audio professional).


Central Michigan University
Bachelor of Music Education

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Performance and Early Music

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